About Me

Basically, I'm a horticulturist. I've been involved with both plants and gardens for many years. Back in my early twenties, what started out as a hobby - simply putting plants in pots - turned into a much greater passion: a passion that has seen me work in horticulture for many years now.

Primarily, I am now a self-employed gardener, maintaining many borders in and around West Kent: the beautiful garden of England. I spent over 5 years working at Hadlow College as a Horticultural Technician and lecturer delivering many vocational and leisure courses, delivering to a wide range of students, both young and old.

I now also write about horticulture quite a bit and have written articles for popular national magazines as well as the blogs for the London-based charities, the Metropolitan Public Gardens Association and the London Gardens Network.

I remain constantly interested in plants and gardens: plant combinations, the design of borders and the use of naturalistic plants such as perennials and grasses. I believe these two groups of plants can offer the gardening novice a realistic route into creating simple and effective borders. Great stuff..!  

Marc Owen
le jardinier

email: marcsgardens@yahoo.com